Gary Kraftsow on Yoga Therapy and Your Mood

Excerpts from an interview with Gary Kraftsow by The Sacred Cow on Yoga therapy, and, in particular, the application of Yoga therapy for anxiety and depression.

“Yoga therapy can be used for a full breadth of conditions from back pain to cancer or clinical depression. It’s very effective for structural problems and physiological problems, but it also has great teachings on how to work with cognitive, mood, and behavioral disorders. The whole text of Patañjali is fundamentally about transformation of mind.”

“Yoga therapy empowers people to begin the healing process and transform themselves.”

Full interview here

Understanding viniyoga

The principle that supports the teaching of Yoga according to the needs and circumstances of the individual has long been referred to as ‘viniyoga’.
The term ‘viniyoga’ became associated with TKV Desikachar’s method of teaching Yoga.
This method was used in order to make the depth and essence of Yoga accessible to Western students.