Where is Yoga Headed these Days?

Forbes magazine discuss where Yoga is headed.

Some interesting points made by Gary Kraftsow.

“Having spent time in India learning yoga from the masters, as well as studying it academically, Kraftsow stresses that yoga was originally a received practice, transmitted from masters of prophet status to their students. The practice, he says, whose real origins were lost in antiquity, was an oral tradition, with the exception of a few texts here and there. These days, the many forms of the practice are morphing into other animals completely.

In the West, says Kraftsow, there are streams where this authentic transmission from living masters to students still exists. But there’s a lot of yoga that’s made up, modern stuff, with no understanding of depth and meaning of text. There’s a real bifurcation happening.” And what about the newer forms? “Some of it is ok and pretty good. But it’s yoga populaire,” he says. “It’s about music, partying, outdoor sports, and yoga being hip and cool. This is moving away from authenticity of tradition. It’s taken on another flavor. I mean, naked yoga? Yoga and wine?” Yoga’s newer offspring are, if nothing else, imaginative.

What about the idea that the main-streaming is what draws people in? “I don’t buy it,” says Kraftsow. “It’s like ‘groupthink’ of the yoga world. It could work for some, but I know people in it for 25 years who aren’t going deeper than the physical. It’s cliché.”

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