Asana Practice should take into account….

Yoga Path
Āsana practice should take into account:

– Where we are – Where am I?
– Where are we going – What is my goal?
– What happens afterwards – How do I continue with my life?

There needs to be steps in the sequence to lead to the goal and counter postures to prepare for life after the Yoga practice, a Vinyāsa (Special placing).

The postures need to be visualised prior to being executed, Bhava (becoming, turning into).

It is important to prepare for life after a Yoga practice so that a student is fully prepared for life outside the Yoga room.

A teacher needs to know a students body and state of mind to prepare a suitable practice, to take into account the particular students problems be they physical or psychological.”

Teaching notes from a 6 day retreat with TKV Desikachar in England April 1992
Shared from – Paul Harvey cYs