One to One Personalised Yoga – Dundrum


The Viniyoga of Yoga for Well Being, Fitness, Lifestyle Support or Recovery

Within the current changed environment and living alongside Covid, we’ve been challenged increasingly to think beyond ourselves. We are re adapting, re thinking how we live, learning to become more self reliant.

With one-to-one learning, Yoga skills are taught to enable the individual become more autonomous in terms of personal practice, to become confident with practicing at home.

Yoga practice is individualised, created specifically for you, developed over time, designed for you to practice in your own space.

One to One sessions offer the opportunity to apply Yoga specifically:

      • in terms of Therapeutic Healthcare
      • as a Lifestyle Support
      • for Personal Development

Within a private setting Yoga One to Ones provide an opportunity to focus on Yoga practice to:

      • Develop your expertise in the practice of Yoga postures and breathing techniques
      • Learn how Yoga can support your lifestyle and well-being
      • Promote recovery from problems or ill-health

Free Initial Meetings to Discuss Options

A free preliminary half hour meeting is offered over Skype, Zoom or FaceTime to chat about your needs, interest and possibilities before making any commitment to work together. We will chat around options and any questions you may have.

To make an appointment please eMail or use the contact page or phone Michele on 086 237 1077

“The spirit of viniyoga is starting from where one finds oneself.”
– TKV Desikachar

Why have a Yoga One to One?

Become more autonomous in terms of having a personalised Yoga practice.

Yoga is taught according to the person and their situation. Conventionally, Yoga was regularly taught on an individual basis, this continues to be the most effective way to explore Yoga, particularly now as we learn to live differently and incorporate the changes resulting from covid-19.

There are many situations where it may be more suitable and beneficial to attend Yoga one to one and to obtain a Yoga Practice that is developed specifically for you.

For example from time to time we all can experience a range of issues. We may hurt our back, we may suffer illness, we may suffer from depression or sleeping problems.

Yoga practice can be applied developmentally or therapeutically to enhance health, well being or life potential from many directions, such as to support your aims to:

      • Positively influence your well-being
      • Improve personal fitness levels
      • Enhance personal energy levels
      • Explore physical potentials
      • Access specific physical goals
      • Elevate attention and focus
      • Help with mental or emotional stability
      • Cope with excessive stress
      • Reduce dependency on social and medical drugs or overeating
      • Learn to care for issues such as back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, circulatory or digestive disorders

As part of a one to one session Yoga is applied to help with the alleviation of your symptoms and to help with your recovery. You will be provided with skills to assist with your own recovery, working alongside other treatment you may be receiving.

“As everybody is different and changes from time to time,
there can be no common starting point,
and ready-made answers are useless.
The present situation must be examined and
the habitually established status must be re-examined.”

– TKV Desikachar

Personalised Yoga lessons offer the possibility for discussing your needs and desire for change in the context of practice designed specifically to your health, energy and potentials.

Working one to one offers an opportunity to create a personalised Yoga practice, initially to respect your limitations and ultimately to stretch your abilities. Time is given to exploring your needs and developing a practice appropriate to your lifestyle, interests and commitment.

Fees for Individual Lessons

Initial consultation – takes up to 75 minutes – €80
Yoga lesson – one hour – €65
Yoga review – half hour – €33