Exclusive Small Group Yoga Classes in Dundrum


The Viniyoga of Yoga for Well Being, Fitness, Lifestyle Support or Recovery

Within a private setting groups are limited to three students to offer an opportunity to develop your personal practice in terms of exploring Yoga postures, breathing and meditation.

Teaching is focused and engaging with groups having a maximum of three students, ensuring personalised attention. This opens possibilities for in-depth and specialised learning.

      • Encouraging fitness and well-being
      • Supporting lifestyle and change
      • Maintaining health and stability

The unique size of the group and consistency with the same group participants thoughout a teaching term, enhances the experiential and developmental learning possibilities.

Classes January 2023:
Tuesday 10th  & Wednesday 11th January
7:30 – 8:45pm both evenings

Class Fee
12 weeks – fee is €190

Class Venue
Venue is Dundrum

A free consultation is available to discuss your needs, interests and possibilities.

For further information contact or  eMail

Classes are suitable for varying levels of experience:

For beginning Yoga students to present the basic principles of practice. The emphasis is on learning Yoga practice through the use of primary Yoga postures with appropriate Yoga breathing patterns.  Plus introducing simple seated Yoga practices for breath and attention.

The aim is experience of the core practice principles of Yoga. Here the emphasis is on:

      • Learning primary Yoga postures
      • Exploring how to use movement or stay within postures
      • Learning how to incorporate the breath into the practice of postures

For continuing students familiar with the basic principles the emphasis is still on primary Yoga practice, but is developed through introducing intermediate postures and techniques.

The aim is to refine and develop the core practice principles of Yoga. Here the emphasis is on:

      • Development and refinement of breath and movement in postures. This level addresses the fundamentals that deepen your practice.
      • Enhancing the primary postures through application of subtler Yoga techniques.
      • Incorporating Intermediate Yoga postures with seated breathing practices and meditational techniques.
      • Adding Yoga meditational techniques through seated breathing practices to develop and refine breath and attention.