Yoga is a Journey to be Experienced

Posted by Michele Harney, Yoga Rathgar & Dundrum – Dublin

“Yoga is a journey to be experienced. However, that journey not only requires patience and perseverance, but also enthusiasm and respect.
In this respect, as in any relationship between people, it is necessary to consider priorities. To students interested in undertaking a home practice with its attendant fruits, two suggestions are offered.
First, think of Yoga as acquiring a new book. Before you try to fit this book into what is probably an already overcrowded bookshelf, take a decision to remove an existing book to make room for the new one.
Do not, however, try to remove a large book thus making unrealistic adjustments in the space on your shelf (and thus unrealistic expectations around the space in your life). Instead, take out a slim volume and this way, create realistic space without Yoga becoming another pressure or something else that is jammed into the already overcrowded bookshelf of your life.
This leads on to the second suggestion.
Life is often divided into agendas, two of which are headed “chore” and “reward”. Try to keep some room on the latter list for your practice in the same way that you would greet an old friend. Take time in their company and return to your everyday life rejuvenated and better able to embrace your surroundings.”
– Paul Harvey 1996


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